Bayonetta coliseum Boss walkthrough, Fortitudo The Cardinal Virtue Of Fortitude.

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If you need help with any other boss in Bayonetta, or you just want some general advice, you can read a complete walkthrough here.

This is the first true boss in Bayonetta, and you’re thrown right in at the deep end! Fortitudo is an old school style boss- all but invincible until you’re figured out his attack pattern and weak points. If you’re having trouble, then here is a walkthrough:

  1. Bayonetta begins fighting Fortitudo on a coliseum bridge. He will attack with fireballs and his heads, as well as occasionally using a tail whip on you. You can plink off little bits of Fortitudo’s health with Bayonetta’s guns, but the best thing to do is just stand still and evade, trying to activate witch time. There’s another attack too where both dragon heads clamp down either side of you. If this happens, then you should jump over one of the heads and hack away at it before Fortitudo unleashes a laser beam between the heads that will destroy the coliseum bridge (see point 3).
  2. The weak spots are the jewels on each dragon’s head. Given how Fortitudo moves, it’s hard to hit these in anything but witch time. So if you activate witch time off a fire ball, have Bayonetta blast away with her handguns (it’s the best you can do at this point). If you managed to dodge one the dragon’s bite attacks, then you can really rack up the hurt on Fortitudo! Hammer away at the jewels with melee combos.
  3. Sometimes, Fortitudo will destroy the coliseum bridge. All you need to do to get back in the boss fight is have Bayonetta use the hourglass on top of the wreckage of the bridge. You can try to fight the Boss on the ground, but Fortitudo will have the advantage as it’s much harder to melee attack his dragon heads. The boss does have one attack that renders him vulnerable however. Fortitudo sometimes attacks with both heads and will get them stuck in the ground. If you can activate witch time on this attack, you can attack the jewels on the dragon heads.
  4. Eventually, Fortitudo will drop down to the floor, stunned. Jump off the coliseum bridge and run up to one of his heads, then Bayonetta can execute a grab attack for major damage.
  5. Coax Fortitudo into destroying one of the bridges by making him attack you while you are near it, and then repeat this boss walkthrough from point 3.  You can just climb up the coliseum bridges, but this technique makes you less vulnerable (assuming you’re good at making Bayonetta evade).
  6. After you’ve done enough damage to one of the heads, Fortitudo will change his attack pattern (Like any good boss). He will retreat to the edge of the coliseum and launch an attack that turns everything to magma. All you need to do is get to a platform and have Bayonetta start jumping towards Fortitudo, then execute a grab attack- with very messy consequences! Now get back onto the bridge and repeat what you’ve been doing until you get rid of the boss other dragon head.
  7. Fortitudo will now blast the coliseum into the air! Here is where the battle gets tough, as you can no longer use witch time- You’ll need to rely on your reflexes rather than Bayonetta’s!
  8. Fortitudo has 4 attacks- he will ram the platform which is easily avoided by keeping Bayonetta away from the edge, He will make spikes come out of the floor (Easily dodged using the evade button)- these appear in a sequence of three, his laser attack which requires a bit more effort (Run and evade), and a dive bomb. You can see the area where he’s going to be a few moments before, but you can avoid this easily by running in a straight line after the boss jumps up.
  9. Fortitudo will repeat these attacks ad nauseam, So you always know what he will do next. The best tactic is to keep plinking away with your guns until he starts his laser attack (So Bayonetta can dodge the laser attack and the dive bomb more easily),and hit the boss with melee attacks after he dive bombs you. The only other attack (That is random) is a sweeping flyby, but that is easily evaded.
  10. After you’ve depleted his health, Fortitudo will try to sweep Bayonetta off the ledge with his tail. Grab it, and enjoy the death scene!

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