The Writing Challenge: Get your articles to the people

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What is the writing challenge?

In short, the writing challenge is a shout to all my fellow writers out there to get out your pens (or probably keyboards) and start writing.

It is not difflicult to produce articles of great value over a short amount of time. All you need is to get out of bed in the morning and out to see the world. Then when you get home after a long and enjoyable day out in the sun, you have all these new impressions that you wanna express in some manner or form. But why only express them in your own mind? You have the ability to put together an article (else you would not be here), and publish it to let others know of your thoughts and advices.

What should you write about?

This is the beauty of it all, you just pick a topic and write. Maybe you wanna write an article about whales or China or something completely different, but the thing stopping you have been yourself saying “I don’t know enough about this topic to educate others, I will just keep it to my self.” But why keep it to yourself? There are around 7 billion people on this planet. Don’t you think that your ideas about a topic will appeal to 50.000 of them at least? More?

Then you might say “But they don’t all have computers or Internet!”. No they don’t but that is why the Internet is so great. Your article will be here for years and years to come, and at some point these people will get a computer and will get Internet, and then they will search for your topic and read your article. How great is that? Sitting here on Bukisa checking your content and seeing that the article you wrote 20 years ago about whales or something just got 50 extra unique viewings. Those viewings might very well come from people who just got their first computer and searched the Internet for the very first time.

So take the Challenge! Write an article a day, and see how far you get!

This will be my first article in my personal Challenge and I intend to go long with this one. I dare you to follow me and try to keep up. If you are going to a wedding or something that takes up your whole day, then write two articles the day before or after. It’s just not that difficult. I will be posting my progress in the comments section here, and you can check my profile to make sure that I keep my word. And if you wanna start too, then write a comment and I will keep an eye on you. Congratulating you on new content and keeping you in the fire, if you fall behind.

So are you a writer or not?


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