Learning How To Communicate

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Effective communication skills can be used all throughout life. Once you learn the skills, you can apply them to your home, business and day to day living. Having excellent communication abilities can help you feel confident and land you those job promotions and other beneficial opportunities.

There are many courses, books, internet articles and programs within courses offered at schools, that either touch on communication or spend lots of time on it as an actual subject. This is done, because being able to communicate is an essential skill that is needed and necessary. The great aspect to learning communication techniques is that anyone can learn and apply them. Even the shyest person can develop strong communication skills and come right out of his shell.

One aspect of communication that works is the body language you exhume. The next time you are talking with someone, take notice of how you are standing, or sitting. Are you upright or leaning off to the side? If you`re sitting, are you right on the edge of your seat? Or are you leaned back on pillows and cushions? Then take a look at your legs and feet. Are they strumming, tapping, nervously banging or swaying? And moving up on the body, what are your hands and arms are doing? Are they folded? Are you talking with them? What are your eyes doing when you are talking and listening? Are you making eye contact or are you darting your eyes around?

When you are listening to someone or talking to another person, remember that the other person is looking at your body language. They are wondering if your folded arms mean that your angry or bothered. Your darting eyes might even mean that your not confident in what you are saying or that you are making up things. Not looking the other person in the eyes might seem like you are not interested in what they are saying. Try to make your body look relaxed and interested in the other persons conversation and in what you are saying. Strong eye contact shows that you are self assured.

When you are listening to someone else its important to let the other person finish and say everything that they wanted. Interrupting is not a great sign of having good communication skills. Save your ideas and thoughts for when there is a break in conversation and the timing is ideal.

When speaking, ensure that you make eye contact with everyone you are talking with. Shake hands if you want and keep your confidence level up by making people feel comfortable in what you are saying. Speak clearly and slowly and give opportunities for questions and breaks for other people to give their ideas.

Remember that strong communication skills involve great listening and excellent talking. Keep your body language positive and keep yourself looking interested. When the other person is talking you can also add things to show that you are really listening to what they are saying. When the person pauses you can even replay back a few words to show that you are listening.

Also keep in mind what wording you are using. If you are having a conversation with someone that is on a heated matter, refrain from using strong words such as “you should”, find other ways to say it. Telling someone they should do something can make the other person get into a defense mode. Instead you could say “another idea could also be…” Learning great communications skills can take some practice and time as you continue to do it, and reflect and then do it better next time.

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