The adoption process

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If anything you should know, the adoption process take a long time from months to a few years is the usual, therefore you should plan to keep yourself busy while waiting for your lovely child to arrive. Waiting can be a dread but if that’s your goal then you can wait until the day you see you kid. In the meantime you can go on craiglist and get a free pet under pet and keep busy but until then the process is a long one. You should already know this that adoption is a long process if you have many preferences. The more preferences you have, the longer it takes for you to have a child.

Agency have say that process takes at least a couple of months to a couple of years to adopt because it’s hard to find a child that is exact to your preferences. The more preferences you have the more time it will take for the agency to find you that baby. If you think about it, it should make sense. There won’t be a perfect baby sitting there waiting for you. It takes them a long time to find you exactly what you’re looking for. A lot of children waiting for adoption have disability and some people don’t want disable children.

You may have preferences such as a non-disable child, girl, age younger then 1, caucasians, red hair, tall, skinny, smart, no disease, out of the country, in the same state where you live, parents are non- drug addicts. These are examples of some preferences and the more you have these check off the more you’ll wait. But I guess you need to wait for what you want. If you don’t want to wait then you can put an ad in the newspaper asking for the type of baby that you’re looking for and it works this way too. Many teenage pregancy are considered for adoption, you should definitely put in the newspaper as to what you’re looking for. While you’re waiting you can adopt a poor little dog and take care of it.

Even when a decision have been made you should still would be waiting for another long period where you would be doing some final review with the agency. The social worker will be going over a lot of things with you. There will also be arrangement for visit between you and the child. You still have to wait for as long as a couple of months after they have found your child. While waiting you can try to keep yourself busy with learning more about children. Did you know adoption doesn’t base on religion, race or finances. I was very suprised to find out that people can get financial assistance to even adopt the child. If you’re at a median income you can still adopt a child.


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