Factors That Trigger Depression And Anxiety

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Depression is found to be an inherited condition and mostly runs in families.  Patients suffering from depression are found to have chemical imbalance in their brains.  Psychiatric medications are found to be effective in controlling the symptoms of depression.  Depression remains dormant for most of the patients.

Depression can be triggered by a variety of stressors.  Depression is mostly episodic.  If we see the case-studies of patients suffering from depression, the factors that trigger a severe episode of depression vary from person to person.  Psychosocial stressors play a major role in triggering depression.  Even an 8-year-old child is diagnosed with depression as a result of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  Here I have just listed some primary factors that take the form of stressors and trigger depression.

Lifestyle of People:

From the case-study of patients, it is very clear that the current lifestyle of people acts as a major stressor for triggering severe episodes of depression.  Teenage and adolescent children have lot of psychiatric admissions due to severe episodes of depression.  Most of the depression in teenage and adolescent children is found to be triggered by the irresponsible behavior of parents.  The mother and father get divorced and get married to someone else and their children get tossed from one foster home to another and end up in detention centers with severe episodes of depression.  Some children have a difficult time living with a mother and stepfather or with a father and stepmother and the emotional pain suffered by children gradually develops into a stressor and triggers depression.


Addiction triggers depression.   Smoking tobacco, alcohol abuse and substance abuse also may trigger depression.  People addicted to crack cocaine, marijuana, and many other substances have frequent depressive episodes and may need frequent psychiatric hospitalizations.


Many of the patients suffering from depression have a past history of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.  They have frequent nightmares or audiovisual hallucinations of their violent past.  This causes significant anxiety and triggers depression.

Medical Problems:

People having multiple medical problems or people who have undergone multiple surgical procedures may become anxious about their health and may get anxiety and panic attacks.  This anxiety becomes a stressor and triggers depression.

Marital Problems:

Marital problems are found to be a major stressor that triggers depression.  Most of the married men and women requiring inpatient psychiatric hospitalization for problems of depression are found to have marital problems.  Divorce-related issues are found to be the major stressors that trigger depression.

Depression, as long as it is dormant, does not affect the normal life of a person but when is triggered by any of the above-mentioned stressors can significantly affect the quality of life of a person.


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