The Seekers

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They seek many things.

They can be Silver, Gold, Alabaster, or Onyx.

They are oftentimes confused; sad; angry; lost:

They do not where They are.

They seek Peace.

Mama Dia, his great-grandmother, took a dip of snuff and called over the child to brush her hair: her Children enjoyed brushing her long, soft, silvery locks-in this, he was not different than the others. He happily hopped onto the couch and took the brush from her hand.

“Who’s here, Baby-not your cousins. Who else?”  She felt something, someone.

She had the Sight, the Curse, which she had given to her daughter; which her grandson’s pretty wife had very strong.

It was all over the boy.

He stopped brushing her hair. She turned and looked at him. He looked scared.

Mummy had told him not to tell. He wasn’t supposed to tell.

“Tell me, Boy.”

“I don’t know her name.” He looked into the corner where the little girl, his new friend was standing. 

  He looked at the pale girl standing in the corner, next to the radio. She was afraid, and tugged at the printed skirt that had lots of little flowers on it.

            She was afraid-she had no friends.

He, also, was afraid. Something terrible had happened to him when people found out about the people he Saw.

“Boy, tell me, or go cut me a switch.”

“Are you angry with me, Mama Dia? Are you going to hurt me? If I tell you?”

She looked at the little boy’s sad face. 

She smiled, “No, Baby. Oh no, no.” She put her arms around him and held him tight. “I love you. I just need to know who is in my home.”

“Oh! Okay!”

 He asked his friend. They discussed things for a few moments. Sarah began to glow: she was happy that she was not going to lose her friend.

He turned towards Mama Dia and told her why Sarah was there: she was lonely and looking for a friend. She was glad that she had found a friend.

Mama Dia leaned back and took another dip of snuff. She had to think:

“Alright, Baby. Just be careful about your friends.”

He smiled happily and hugged her, “Okay! I love you, Mama Dia!”

She kissed him and sent him to run and play.  


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