Make a Malibu Bay Breeze:must be 21

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How to Make a Malibu Bay Breeze:Must be 21   xxMsComptonxx xxMsComptonxx

Need new ideas on how to drink your favorite alcohol? Mixed drinks are thought to be sissy like but more and more people are getting creative in the way they are flavoring their drinks. Not to mention the names they are coming up for their concoctions. 

Difficulty: Easy Instructions Things You’ll Need: 3 oz of Cranberry Juice Half glass of Ice 3 oz of Pineapple Juice 2 oz of Malibu Rum Small Umbrella

Step 1 Numero Uno

Grab your glass out of the cabinet. Make it BIG! Enough room to fit all the goodies in it!

Step 2 Buckle Your Shoe Silly

Fill that bad boy up with some ice. I suggest half way but if you like a lot of ice go for it. Just make sure you have enough room for your alcohol. Dont Leave Out The Good Stuff!!

Step 3 Watch Out For That Tree ((Mabe One To Many Malibu Bays))

Get a splash of Cranberry Juice. 3oz to be exact. Keeping it healthy!

Step 4 Shut That Door Born In A Barn? I Wasnt!

Pour same amount of Pineapple Juice. Some Fruity Tuity.

Step 5 Watch Out For That Bee Hive Are You That Tipsy?

Pour some Malibu Rum in. 2oz for balanced flavor. Add more for the buzz. Or less for the relaxed.

Step 6 Pick Up Those Sticks Boy You Are Messy

Stir Well. Embellish with an Umbrella. And Serve.

Step 7 After A Few Of These You Will Feel Like You Are In Heaven

Enjoy! Yummy!

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