How to Run Command & Conquer Red Alert on Windows XP

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There are two parts to the install: First you must install the game onto your computer.  Second you must install a patch that will allow the game to run on Wondows XP.  This patch is found on the Command & Conquer website.

Step 1)

1) Insert Red Alert disk into your Cd-rom (make sure to close the Autoplay box that pops up if you have Autoplay enabled)
2) Click the Start button on the Windows Taskbar.
3) Select “My Computer
4) Right click the Cd-rom drive with the game in it and select “Explore’
5) Double click the “Setup95” folder.
6) Right click the “install.exe” file and select “Send to’; Select “Desktop” from the drop-down menu. (This will create a shortcut on the desktop)
7) Right click the shortcut on the desktop and select “Properties.”
8) Click the “Compatibility” tab
9) Check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” box.
– Select Windows 95 in the drop-down window.
10) Click “Apply’ then “Ok”
11) Double-click the shortcut on the desktop to install the game.

Step 2)

Now you must install the Patch…
1) Go to the Command & Conquer site and download the first patch titled “R108FP.exe”

2) After the download, copy the patch file into the Red Alert installation directory. (located at C:\Westwood\RedAlert by default)
3) Double click the patch to run the file. This should create three more files; Patch.exe, Patch.rtp, and Patch.txt.
4) Double click the “Patch.exe” file to allow this patch to install itself.

Step 3)

Open the “Start Menu” and select “Red Alert Windows 95 Edition’ game on your start menu and it should boot right up. Enjoy!!


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