How to start your career in Hollywood

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Acting is a great career because you can potentially become the next billionaire like Angelina Jolie. Isn’t she a lucky person? The good news is that you don’t need a college degree to become an actor, you will be better with it but you don’t need it. Most famous actors have never graduated from college because this is the entertainment industry in which only talent counts. Other things are important too but talent is the first. Talent is something that you have inside of you or something that you learn how to do.

Ask Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie and they’ll tell you that their talent brought them success. How do I know so well because I’m actor myself? I have work in Hollywood for 3 years and have seen that more things are taking into accounts than just college in Hollywood
because Hollywood is about talent not brains. You will need college degree if you’re working as a film crew though. You do need a college degree for that. Another great thing is that Hollywood
is open to everyone, all looks, age and ethnicity. There are a million things you can do in Hollywood and you don’t have to feel restricted like most jobs. I’ve had the most fun in my life when I was in Hollywood. Hollywood
offers you freedom and flexibility like no other job does. You’ll be glad that you decided to be an actor.

How do you begin in an acting career? Well, you must love to be in the entertainment industry or else you wouldn’t try to learn more about being an actor. You can start out by touring Hollywood
and observe actors working to see if this is something you’ll like or feel comfortable doing. Are you able to take on the pressure in the entertainment industry? These pressures include staying in top shape, being beautiful, acting, socializing, media exploitation, and people exploiting you. Hollywood
is not a church; it’s a place where people can kill themselves over drug addiction and sexual exploitation. Have you seen how many actors die of cocaine overdose or be stalk by some directors? People in Hollywood
are not the nicest people in this planet. You will hear the “F” word like 20 times a day and you must be comfortable with that. Hollywood
crew is more ghetto than any other co-workers you’ll ever experience.

Do you have some acting classes or education in theater to start out with? Like it or not you’ll look good at an audition if you have some education on your resume. You don’t want to tell Steven Spielberg that you’ve never had any acting classes before. He can’t hire you because you lack the experience. If you don’t have any education then at least you have some experience on your resume. The more you have on your resume the better. You’ll look like a fool if you have nothing. So get some stuff to put on your resume before you start looking for auditions.

Do you have a reel? This will help you get an agent. Without a reel you won’t be able to get a good agent. Do you have headshots? How do they know how you look like without a headshot? Have you joined the union? Without your sag card you won’t go anywhere yet in Hollywood
since all or most acting job requires a sag card. To get a sag card, you can audition and get a role and be taff- hartley. You can be a movie extra and try to get your sag card through there.

If you have everything gather up then you need to have an agent to send you to auditions. Remember to keep up with your looks because Hollywood
is all about good looks. They choose the best looking person in the long line of hundreds of auditioned. Audition as much as possible because this is the only way you’ll get some paying work. You can also start to network, who you know is more important than what you know in Hollywood.


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