The Naked and the Mind Read

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Chairman Obama has gotten religion on airport terrorism.  He is pulling out almost all the stops.  One of the things that may come soon to an airport near you, in addition to your flying completely butt naked, is government mind readers who can flashing strange a alluring visions before your eyes and intuit from your reactions what you must be thinking.

There are some who say that the governemtn mind readers will go far beyond the power of suggestion.  That the feds will set up long distance magnetic resonance imagers to follow your nascent and transistory thoughts at their inception.  To trap your bad intentions before they take root and manifest as murder most vile.

Imagine not only being stripped naked by vile machines but being polygraphed to within an inch of your very life for the privelege of flying next to fat lady and her screaming kid.  Gawd.

Since the people who fly airplanes into buildings all came from outside this country why subject us to the cavity search?  Because we have a government that honest hates us and sees us as the problem.  Radical religious zealots are clearly pure as the driven snow and it is only the evil or our fossil fuel consumption that drives them mad.  That’s why we get punished and they get a pass.

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