2010 Feast of Fools, Asses and Clowns

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I know what you’re thinking.  I must be talking about your congressman, your senator or maybe the president.  But alas, no.

Rather this is just a few of the National Observances of the month of January.

In the Feast of Fools you might have a bunch of college kids pretending to be the high and mighty or the rich and powerful.  Then the deal is to make the movers and shakers look foolish by acting foolish while wearing the persona of the fabulous.  So if you pretended to be Chairman Obama you could do something foolish like pretend to hate communism.  If you pretended to be Rush Limbaugh you could run around saying divorce is evil an only idiots get hooked on Hillbilly Heroin.  If you pretended to be Keith Olbermann you could pretend to be honest, intelligent fair minded, and you could say any whore who acted like a democratic soap fetcher must walk the streets with a two handed, vertical smile trolling for winos and other vagrants.

Now the Feast of Asses is unfortunately not a thong fest, but rather it is a religious thing.

As for the Clowns, some say it’s national clown month.  I think clowns are scary.  Escpecially when they run for political office.  Nothing is scarier or less funny then that circus clown Al Franken in the Senate.

January is Diet Month and Popcorn Month

Oh, the cruel irony that the veneration of this salted and  buttery treat should come in twain,

oh that both, sensible eating, and stuffing the mouth with greasy popcorn, could take us home again.

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