How To Break Into The Movie Industry

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Want to break into the movie industry? It’s not that hard. Just get to Hollywood and start hustling. You can break into movies by doing many things in Hollywood to start out and they don’t all have to be acting. You can work as a crew member, hair and makeup, extra, wardrope, food service, photography, modeling, jounalist, and acting. You have to start somewhere. The quicker you get out of your house, the sooner you’ll reach your goal.

You can’t break into the industry while working at Starbucks. You have to physically be in Hollywood or New York. Those two places have lots of acting jobs. Just do anything in Hollywood and soon you’ll learn your way around. If you want to act more then just get everything together and get an agent and start auditioning. The more exposure you get the more you can break into the industry. Let the directors and producers get to know you. How can they discover you if they don’t see you. This is just a simple fact. Expose yourself. Network as much as you can in Hollywood. Go around and meet friends. Get to know a lot of people. The more people that you know the more they help you out. Hollywood is not like the regular office environment where a college degree will suffice. Hollywood jobs are offer in person not on the website. It’s hard to find work in Hollywood by going online you won’t find any.

If you want to be a movie star then you can start acting to build up your resume. You can act in student films to help yourself out more. This is a good way to build your resume. You can audition to be in reality TV shows. This will also help expose yourself more. Can you dance? You can be a dancer in all the movies. I was a dancer in all of the movies. You just have to know how to dance. Can you do stunt, modeling or voiceover. There are a lot of things you can do in Hollywood. Just get there and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Go to myspace and build a profile because that’s how most people get exposure nowadays. Add all the people to your friends list and start networking. You’ll never know when they need your freckled skins or your long legs. So the internet is a good way to build exposure nowaday too. Don’t forget the internet. There is a film group online where almost every production is on there. It’ll be your advantage that they are your friends. You’ll never be seen if you don’t have a file. Myspace is free and is the leading place where business will happen. You can learn so much about the industry once you’re on myspace. There is nothing that you can’t learn on Myspace. How about youtube? You can expose yourself on youtube and learn about everything else too. Not to mention you can watch all the movies you want on youtube for no price at all.


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