How to make a cheap Cigar box caddy

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Tired of searching around the house and office for a pen, pencil, or marker? Need something simple to help you carry them when you move from room to room?  Make a cigar box caddy to hold all those loose items.  It’s cheap and easy to do.

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Things you’ll need:

  • Graph paper and pencil
  • Empty cigar box (Mike’s Cigars on-line sells boxes)
  • Wood craft sticks, large size, ½ inch or larger width
  • Wood dowel, ¼ inch or 3/8” diameter, approx.12” long cut to slightly larger length than cigar box
  • Strong glue or glue gun and sticks
  • Sharp Xacto or mat knife (box cutter)
  • Tack hammer, brass brads and coping saw (if necessary)
  • Small drill and bit or wood burning kit to burn hole in craft stick end handle pieces to receive wood dowel
  • Scissors (for cutting construction paper)
  • Paint and brushes
  • Colored paper for covering box (optional)

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Collect an empty cigar box in good condition. Re-use or purchase a package of large craft sticks.  Collect all your left-over crafting supplies including your glue gun, or purchase the things you’ll need from Michael’s Crafts store or an art store. Sketch a scale drawing on the graph paper of your cigar box caddy and design it’s carrying handle.   Layout all your materials on your workbench or table.  If you don’t have one,  See the Author’s article on how to build a workbench/table.

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Carefully cut the top off of the empty cigar box. Set aside for possible use in making dividers for caddy.  Cut wood dowel to slightly larger length than large dimension of cigar box (about ½ inch longer).  Cut two craft sticks straight across at one end, just where diameter of rounded end meets straight edge of stick.  Drill or burn hole in each rounded craft stick ends you cut . Center hole and make sure it is a little larger than wood dowel.   Glue the two holed craft sticks to the centers of each side of cigar box, making sure they are vertical and let dry.  Use small brass tack brads also if you desire.  Let glue dry completely.   Insert wood dowel into one end of vertical handle craft stick hole and push it all the way through the other craft stick vertical.  Place glue spot beads all around dowel ends at outside of craft sticks and let dry thoroughly.

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Measure and cut construction paper to line inside of cigar box on sides and bottom. You can also cover outside of cigar box if desired.  Take cigar box top you set aside and measure for dividers, cut to proper height and length so you can glue inside of box at sides and bottom.  Hint:  Use the largest pen, pencil, marker or object to be put inside box as a guide to size of divider spaces.  If you have covered the box inside with construction paper, cover the dividers with same paper prior to gluing onto inside box surfaces.  If you decide to paint box, eliminate the construction paper steps and glue dividers, then paint box inside and out.  Let box dry thoroughly, then place objects inside your new caddy.  Note:  you have an option to use all craft sticks for the handle.  Just splice and attach craft sticks together instead of wood dowel.

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Tips and Warnings:

  • Do make layout on graph paper of cigar box caddy and check objects to go inside shadow box.
  • Use very sharp Xacto knife or mat knife for cutting craft sticks and box lid for dividers.
  • Use coping saw for fine cutting
  • Take care when burning hole or drilling craft sticks.  Beware of splitting wood and burns from wood burner kit.
  • Be sure and let glued parts and cigar box dry thoroughly after gluing before using.

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