Finding a coffee mug

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Finding a coffee mug

A coffee mug is so much more than just a cup to drink out of. 
When you are a coffee lover, the type of mug or cup you choose to drink out of can have a real effect on how your coffee tastes. Don’t ask why, but if you are a coffee lover you will know that coffee tastes so much better if it is presented the right way. 

So where can you go to find this perfect drinking vessel? 
There are many places to on and off-line and many types to choose from, but I have a check list I use when looking for a good coffee mug.

Firstly make sure that the mug is made out of quality material.  Porcelain coffee mugs are my favourite as they resist the heat so much more than metal or plastic mugs.  They also are a pleasure to hold and come in a range of designs.  I like to choose a coffee mug with a good firm handle so that there is no danger of the coffee mug slipping out of my hand.  I also need a large coffee mug so that I’m not looking for endless refills.  The only downside to porcelain coffee mugs is the fact that they are more prone to breakage, so if you are drinking our of a porcelain coffee mug where there is a lot of delicate objects about, be careful.

Once you have found a great coffee mug, I would advise on getting two or three of the same design.  Then you will never have to go looking for a good coffee mug again.


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