Google Nexus One

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Last  to come  on the smartphone market, the the competitor of the iPhone from Apple and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry, is Google. The smartphone si produced by the most famous brand in cyberspace is not at all a surprise. The story is two years old already, intentions to incorporate Android operating system in a phone – the software platform for mobile devices. 

Meanwhile, Nexus One is out there and uses Android version 2.1. With a 3.7 AMOLED touchscreen and a weight of 130 grams, the device is without that design, nothing spectacular. Moreover, drawings and photos of Nexus have been travleing for some time. And the hardware debut of Google has no spectacular innovations or surprises. It is simply the smartphone able to exploit the capabilities of Google Apps.

Inside is a one GHz Snapdragon processor, 512 MB of RAM, a microSD memory  card of four gigabytes (expandable to 32). Nexus can connect toWi-Fi networks, has Bluetooth, HSDPA / HSUPA and A-GPS. And, for those who do not care about the opening goal, a five megapixel camera.

Some unusual choices: a second microphone that absorbes the ambient background noise, analizes it  and, finally, to extract the signal needed to be played. In addition, Google has the phone and dictaphone option, allowing voice dictation of SMS and e-mails or setting a destination for the navigation system.

Android 2.1 is compatible with everything that Google has to offer – G-Mail, Google Earth, Google Maps, for example.

If  takem out of the calculation variants illegally decoded, that  will certainly show up soon in some states in east of the continent (if not reached there before launching yet), Europeans will have the new Nexus One early in the spring. In the United States and Britain, the device is already on the market, sold directly by Google or T-Mobile or Verizon networks, and costs 530 dollars or, in contract, $ 180.


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