Dispute the Myths About Quitting Smoking

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Things needed:

  • Open mind

  • Chewing gum

  • Mints/Hard candy

  • Fruit and Vegetables

  • Nicorette gum

  • Nicoderm patch

  • Commit lozenges

  • Chantix

  • Zyban

Myth: Too late to quit smoking, damage is done

Dr. Ashton said, “It’s never too late to quit.” The health benefits start immediately.
1. Your blood circulation improves
2. Heart rate and blood pressure improve
3. Risk of heart attack drops
4. Quitting early in life can save your eyesight

Myth: Weight gain is worse than smoking

According to Dr. Ashton, ” It’s true the metabolism slows down a bit, and without the cigarette in the mouth people tend to eat more. But the health risks of the extra pounds doesn’t compare to the risks of smoking”
To help with this, try  mints or hard candy, chewing on toothpicks or gum.
Keep healthy snacks on hand: Apples, carrots, celery or other fresh fruit or vegetables.
Exercise, it will help keep your mind off of smoking and improve your health.

Myth: Smoking light cigarettes will cut my risk

The National Cancer Institute concluded that light cigarettes provide no benefit to a smokers health. Smokers who switch from regular cigarettes to light cigarettes are likely to smoke more cigarettes and inhale deeper. In result you are still inhaling the same amount , if not more, hazardous chemicals.

Myth: Quitting “Cold Turkey” is the only way

Although going cold turkey works for some, it’s not always the best way for all. According to Dr. Ashton, smokers have a better chance of succeeding when combining counseling and smoking cessation aids. This could be Nicorette gum, Nicoderm CQ patches or Commit lozenges. If this doesn’t work, talk to your family doctor to see if he/she recommends a prescription drug like Chantix or Zyban.


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