How to Make Grilled Chicken Fajita Nacho’ s

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First go to the produce department of your local grocery store and get some bell peppers, pick up some peppers of all colors. Pick up a good size onion while you are there. When I cook with chicken breast it always taste better when the meat is fresh and not frozen. So wander over to the meat department and get some fresh chicken breast.. You can always use frozen if desired, but let it thaw out slowly. Then rinse the chicken with warm water. Then I sprinkle some of my Pepper Joy that I developed on all sides and let it set covered in the refrigerator a couple hours before cooking.    

Now wash your hands with warm soap and water, as you should always do after handling raw meat.   

Get the peppers and slice them in slices no more than a quarter inch wide and put them in a bowl of warm water. Make sure you have all the seeds out of the peppers. Slice the onion and sit on a paper towel next to the peppers.    

Fire up that grill and get it to around 350 degrees and put the chicken on there. Do not keep flipping the chicken, and keep the lid closed. Turn the chicken after about 10 minutes on the grill. After about 20 minutes check the chicken with a fork. It should flake and not be pink on the inside. Cooking time varies so it could take longer.
When chicken is done cut in strips and place on a plate.     

Turn the burner on your stove up on medium high and get the pan warm, check by putting a dab of water on the pan and if it evaporates fast your pan is ready. et the peppers you have dried off and throw them in the pan with the onions and keep stirring. Cook for about 7 minutes making sure you do not over cook them. They should be warm trough out but yet crunchy.     

Mix your peppers with the chicken in a bowl to combine all the flavors. Then get a plate and put some tortilla strips on them first then pour over your mixture of chicken and peppers. You will be amazed at the taste.


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