How do iPods help your social life?

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Can an iPod help in your social life?

This is an interesting question because by nature the iPod is a device that tends to isolate one from those around them. Even though putting on a pair of headphones and tuning out the world around us might prevent us from interacting with the world at large, I believe there are some benefits socially to the iPod.

The iPod is capable of carrying one’s whole music collection in a small device that goes anywhere. With the wide array of speaker systems designed for the iPod, you can bring the iPod to a friend’s house, party, or social event and provide the musical entertainment.

Even if you don’t have a speaker system or dock for the iPod, the standard 3.5mm headphone jack can accept standard computer speaker jacks. You can also purchase small adapters to turn a large audio in jack into a 3.5mm jack. This means you can connect the iPod to nearly any time of audio system with a line in jack.

Through the iPod you can expose friends to new music they may not have heard before. While you can’t copy music off the iPod onto their computers or iPods, people may have listening parties to listen to new music together. iPod listening parties happen when multiple people bring their iPods, connect one to a speaker system and alternate whose iPod is playing. There are even “top playlist” competitions at schools and colleges where students bring their iPods loaded with custom playlists and play them for the group. The person with the best playlist wins.

You can also create custom playlists in iTunes and sync them to the iPod. This means you can make one playlist for a listening party and another playlist for a house party. If you want to play just one type of music or one artist for a friend or gathering, you can do that as well.

In essence the iPod contributes to the music of our lives. It allows us to bring music with us anywhere, anytime. The isolating aspect of an iPod with headphones does not always have to be present when an iPod is brought into a social situation.

Being able to carry your entire music collection on a small device and play music for anyone, anytime is a great thing indeed. Disconnect the headphones from time to time and bring the music to a larger audience.


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