Are HIV positive patients able to have a baby:

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The answer is yes! Although it is confirmed that HIV can be transmited through sexual intercourse but the chance of getting from a HIV + partner in one intercourse is less than 30% but this is also very high so if one partner is HIV + and the other one is Negative it is adviced to use this case adoptation can be considered as an option to have a child.

but in case both partners are HIV positive more over not all children born from a mother with HIV will be affacted.

researchers say that the chance of getting HIV from a mothers is in correlation with virus load of the mother through her pregnancy.

There are ways to reduce the chance of aquiring HIv for the baby.normally if the mother has a low viral load means that the number of HIV viruses is small in her blood then the chance of getting HIV is low and she doesnt need any medication but just at the time when the baby is about to deliver but if the virus load is high she needs more medication and also the baby will need to receive antiviral HIV medication.

It is important that when the Operation room facilities exist the delivery method be secerian section rather than normal delivery.

As HIV can be transmited through mothers breast milk, if there is another sort of feeding available for the baby ( like formula) the HIV positive mother should not breast feed the baby but in many countries specially in Africa where the most cases of HIV among women exist there, the only feeding source for the babies in some poor areas is breast feeding. It is advice to continue breast feeding but also continue anti-viral therapy to minimize the risk of transmission of HIV to the infant.



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