How to change an iPod battery.

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How to replace the battery in an iPod.

Over the course of regular use, the battery in an iPod may begin to lose its charging power and need to be charged more often. Eventually the battery will die completely.

You can replace the battery in Apple iPod MP3 player yourself instead of having to pay someone else to do it.

First you will want to purchase an Apple iPod battery replacement kit. You can find a variety of websites online that sell battery replacement kits. Make sure you purchase one that matches your make and model as battery sizes may vary based on iPod generation and type.

Use the small plastic pry tool that comes with the iPod battery replacement kit to remove the back cover of the iPod. Place the iPod face down on a flat surface. Squeeze the tip of the pry tool in the small space between the front and back panels of the iPod. Where the front piece meets the silver backing is where this space is located.

Slide the pry tool around the edges without removing it, until the back cover pops off of the iPod. Be careful separating the front and back. Some iPod models have electronics on both sides and a small ribbon connecting the two. Do not remove this ribbon or pull too hard when separating the front from the back.

Locate the battery. Some models may have small tabs or screws holding the battery in place. Remove these.

Locate the ribbon cable that connects the battery to the circuitry. If there is a small plastic bar over where the ribbon cable meets the connection on the circuit board, gently unclip and lift this bar up.

The ribbon will come loose; gently lift the battery up and out of the iPod. Take the new battery and connect its ribbon to the connection on the circuitry.

Lower the holding lever back into place until it clicks into place. Replace any holding screws or tabs to secure the battery.

Make sure no parts of the ribbons or wiring are sticking out beyond the edges of the casing. Firmly push the front and back of the iPod back together until they click into place.

Note: If you are unsure how to do this, have a professional at an Apple store or service center replace the battery. Apple does not support or endorse battery replacement kits for iPod devices.


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