Wearing Diapers to Work…from The Male Perspective

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Forward: Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed because your an adult male and have to wear diapers. Wearing diapers because of an urinary incontinence issue is a natural solution in keeping yourself dry and if surgury isn’t an option for you, then an adult diaper is something you already might be considering. Diapers could be more than just a tool to manage incontinence problems, they could also be a convenience. Please consult your doctor before giving up on any treatments or options.

Wearing a diaper to work is no different than wearing boxers or boxer briefs…with of course with some exceptions, such as additional padding and the waterproof outercovering. It takes alittle more effort to hide or mask that you’re wearing an adult diaper, so here is your guide or my perspective on wearing diapers to work.

Your first part in wearing diapers to work would be the actual diaper itself. There are numerous styles and types of diapers for adults on the market today from re-useables to disposables. Choosing your adult diaper is an important one, ensuring that your diapers are concealed underneath your work or business clothes.I would first tell you that wearing cloth diapers and a waterproof cover-up aren’t really much of an option for the active adult male…. sure cloth diapers as absorbent as they might be, will bulk out in your slacks or jeans, depending on what you wear to work. then of course you have to discuss on the portability of your diaper or even the disposal of them and if you are wearing a re-useable product, were do you keep them…especially at work so that’s why a disposable product will be probably the best option to keep you dry all day long and even be more easier to change in and out of and to dispose of.

Briefs or Diapers: As I have written in my prior articles, I call my underwear a diaper, not adult disposable briefs, adult incontinent briefs or even adult pull-ups (which are a different style of absorbent product). If it looks like a diaper, absorbs like a diaper, protects like a diaper… then it’s a diaper. Why then call it by any other name and I’m no different…I wear diapers. Anyways it’s easier to say the term ‘diaper’ then saying ‘adult disposable briefs’.

What type of diaper should I wear… There are numerous companies that make adult disposable diapers or absorbent products. Some are just a basic absorbent pad with a plastic outer cover that adheres to the inside of your underwear. If you are a light dribbler, you might get away with wearing these, but unfortuantely for myself…I can not wear them. There are also a larger belted style incontinent garment, but these as well have their limited absorbent qualities. Then there are your basic diaper style product. You can find these pretty much at any supermarket or at stores like Target, Walgreens and Wal-Mart. Generally they are of the Depend variety. The Depend people make all styles of absorbent products from pad to briefs (tape-on disposable diapers). Some disposable diapers rely on tape tabs or a velcro-style system. My choice of an adult diaper is that of the Attends disposable diapers and the Secure Plus disposable diapers. You can find most of these diapers online and if you’re luckly… at your local drug store. Depending on the output of your urinary incontinence, you will decide on the type of absorbent product you will need. If you don’t need a full-style diaper, then an male guard might be the solution for you, but if you are like myself and others… a regular disposable diaper is the option for you.

Getting Dressed: Changing out from your nightime diaper in the morning, will require you in taking a shower. This will keep you clean down there and help miminize any rashes in developing, plus it will help control the odor that comes with wearing diapers day in and day out. If you decide on wearing a disposable diaper, ensure that your diaper is taped on tight and securely. Ensuring that they are taped on tightly will also reduce the crinkling sound. I’ve found that wearing the 3-tape tab Attends with the waistband are really comfortable to wear to work. Although they have a limited absorbency rate… they are thin enough to wear under your dress slacks. The Secure Plus disposable diapers are also a great daytime diaper…they have a great taping zone on the front of the diaper to ensure a perfect fit every time.

If you decide that would you not like to change at work…then you’ll have to wear a more absorbent diaper such as.. Abena, Molicare, Abri-Forms, Delta Forms or the Secure X-Plus… but do realize that by wearing a thicker style diaper, the bulk might be more pronounced, especially when they become wet. One other solution would be to add a booster pad. I’ve discussed this option in my previous articles, but simply it’s a non-plastic absorbent pad that you place inside your diaper that increases the absorbency rate of your diaper. I purchase the Depend Booster Inserts from Wal-Mart and they cost me only $4.97 for a package of 20. Other booster pads are available online, but some of them are designed for your nighttime diaper but as if you insert these larger booster pads inside your daytiime diaper… it might not work out as you might wanted… especially to work.

Choosing the right slacks or pants that you wear to work is also a key component in wearing diapers to work.  Chosing those skinny jeans or slacks probably are not the best apparel item to wear. Sure for someone that isn’t in diapers…go for it, but unfortunately for guys like myself…skinny jeans, I can not wear. I’ve also found that non-pleated slacks actually work out better than the pleated verisons of dress slacks. Choosing the fabrics will also help in masking the effects of wearing diapers to work. 100% cotton works great, but the polyester and wool blend slacks are also a great choice. One other tip on choosing your dress slacks would be to buy them one waist size larger than you normally purchase. This also will help in concealing the type of underwear you have to wear.

Keeping your shirt tucked in at all times also prevents in someone noticing the white plastic of the diaper if you bend over and expose your underwear. But usually for most men, tucking in your shirt is probably a company policy, especially if you wear a suit to work. Along with tucking in your shirt, a nice dress belt will also help in keeping in your shirt and your diaper well confined within your slacks. Suit coats also helps with hiding the effects of wearing diaper underneath your slacks

Masking the crinkling sound: I’m not going to lie to you… there are some disposable diapers that omit more of a crinkling sound than others. You’ll have to see which ones work for you other than the others. The crinkling sound is something that you probably won’t be able to get away from… for the most part, but unfortunately the crinkling sound just comes with wearing diapers. You can though, mask that noise. Wear another pair of boxer briefs, regular briefs and even boxer shorts over your diaper. Wearing these will help reduce the crinkling sound, but it will not totally make it go away. You’ll have to experiment with the type of underwear that you can wear over the diaper, but also realize that more of a fabric you wear… the more of a bulk you might have underneath your dress slacks. Sometimes those spandex-style work out shorts also will mask the crinkling sound of your disposable diaper.

Speaking of boxer briefs or regular underwear… 8 out of 10 times, will I wear a regular pair of underwear over my disposable diaper. There are many reasons why I do this, from masking the crinkling sound to going to the gym and changing out of your dress clothes. If you’re wearing boxers over your diaper, undressing in the locker room won’t be as stressful considering that no one will see that you’re diapered. Of course changing out of your wet disposable diaper is another subject.

Dressing for Success: You carefully choose your clothes you wear…then why not choose the type of underwear you wear as well. A perfect fitting and absorbent disposable diaper will make your day go as comfortable as it possibly can. Do not make a big deal about wearing diapers… no one will care what type of underwear you wear…as long as you don’t advertise that you wear them. Do not settle on one type of absorbent product until you find the one that fits your needs and comfort level.

Other tips: There are many ways to conceal your diapers at work, but what about bringing extra’s with you to work…. how can I do this, you might ask…? First of all… forget the diaper bag… no guy in their right mind would actually bring a diaper bag to work with them. Ok, now that joke is out of the way, you actually can buy or even you might have one in your inventory of stuff, such as a messenger bag, laptop bag or even what I carry with me, is a Eddie Bauer shoulder pack. It’s small enough to carry one or two extra set of diapers with you to work yet no one will ever question your shoulder pack.

Changing at work can be easy as changing in your private office and if you don’t have the luxury of a private office, just excuse yourself, bringing your messenger bag and or laptop bag to the men’s room, choose the handicap stall (yes… the handicap stall, it’s larger and alot more easier to change your diaper standing up in those stalls) and carefully yet fast change your diaper. Roll up your wet diaper within the plastic backsheet of the diaper, using one set of the tape tabs to adhere itself to it. Walk out with your head up high and throw out the wet or soiled disposable diaper in the trash. Do not hide it, as it might bring extra attention to you. Don’t worry about the sounds that you make when you change your diaper… so what… it’s no one’s business why you’re wearing diapers and no one should make it their business why you’re changing your diaper in the handicap stall. If anyone confronts you about using the handicap stall…. just simply say to them… “why would you like to change my diaper…?” Most times, I can guarantee you that they will not say another word.

In closing: Weariing diapers are just a part of your normal rountine. Wearing diapers doesn’t make you any less of a man that doesn’t wear them. Just because you don’t wear… boxers, boxer briefs… it just means that diapers are a tool to manage your incontinence problem. Embrace your differences, don’t let something as simple as wearing diapers to work keep you from your full potential. Embrace your life… Embrace the ones that you love… Live life to the fulliest… and just because you wear diapers to work, will not change who you are !


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