Women are choosing C section as a method childbirth?

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Having a baby is a magnificent moment in a woman life and to bring another life in this world is a beautiful occasion to experience, But when you have to make a decision on choosing how you will bring a child into this world the thought should never cross your mind because in these days more women are choosing the easier and quicker procedure by choosing C section as opposed to natural delivery but a delivery decision is not a decision that is made by the mother it is always a decision made by the physician in time of an emergency or other reasons. There are side affects and risks with both procedures and in my personal opinion choosing the surgery would be my #1 choice always, Being the mother of two kids and both of them delivered through C section I can say that is the simple and easier procedure. But there are risks to having a C section and the only disadvantage is the healing process, Although women feel that it will be a painful surgery to have and the thought of being cut open is frightening but it’s not as bad as you think. You will not be able to feel anything because of anesthesia which can either be gas or epidural. The epidural is less riskier than receiving the gas, One of the major risk for the gas is not being able to wake up and one of the major risk of the epidural is paralysis and that would only happen when the patient makes a wrong move, The epidural is an anesthetic introduced into the space around the duramater(SPINAL CORD), used especially in childbirth . I have never known any of these injuries to occur but I am sure that it occured somewhere. Last but not least I feel that when a woman is worrying about which way she will bring her child into this world should not be more important than finally seeing her child for the very first time.


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