Environmentally Friendly Necklaces

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From hybrid vehicles to the use of cloth grocery bags, everyone is trying to make environmentally friendly changes in their life. The idea of reduce, reuse and recycle is no stranger to the world of jewelry. Eco-friendly necklaces are popular among men and women for their “green” qualities, natural elements and unique sophistication. Crafted from naturally occurring items or soon-to-be trash, environmentally friendly necklaces are made from everything from old coins to preserved moose feces.

Natural Items

A necklace made of Columbian red choclo seeds is an eco-friendly, and vibrant addition to any jewelry collection. Pieces of broken shells have long been a favorite purchase for tourists visiting the seaside. Why not take it a step further and purchase a moment of wildlife? Pendants made of preserved parrot and moose feces in varying shades of green are becoming increasingly more popular. Consider wearing a pendant made from rescued forest woods that would otherwise naturally decay.

Recycled Trash

Did you know the keys from an old typewriter can be strung on hemp rope to create a one-of-a-kind necklace. Consider spelling out your name, a one word statement or simply just your initials. Artist Boris Bally is making jewelry from retired traffic signs. The malleable aluminum sheets are a perfect medium for custom necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Pendant-style necklaces made from hand cut water bottles, soda cans and vintage board game pieces are innovative ways to use items that may have otherwise been placed in a landfill.


Choose eco-friendly metal jewelry made from repurposed metals. Look for companies that melt and reuse old jewelry to fashion their new collections. Some manufacturers are recycling defunct coins, such as Columbian pesos, to create recycled metal jewelry. Look for necklaces made of many chains grouped together for a layered look. These recycled necklaces are often bound together with an ornate clasp.


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