Sexual differences.

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The question of the sexual differences is as old, as old the life on the Earth.

There are no sexual differences between elementary alive beings. There are no male or female microbes.

But there are sexual differences on the level of plants. Such differences are the result of the complication of the living organism. The absolute homogeneity can simply nothing and simply do not exist, because there is no the time-space in it.

The nature of course may divide things for many parts, but it will be unnecessary complication and it will be in conflict with the main principal of the nature- energetic expediency of the process of life.

That is why the fantastic theories about existence of multi sexual creatures with five, six or more sexes are only intellectual games.

The understanding of the existence of sexes has been given in the symbolic of yin and yang. The dual concepts of yin and yang which describe two primal opposing but complementary principles or cosmic forces said to be found in all non-static objects and processes in the universe.

All the process of carrying of a pregnancy and live birth is much more complicated process than the coitus. And as we know the nature is very economical, so the goal achievements take place with minimal resources. For example in the life of insects, the female of the mosquito is the creature which drink blood and make such unpleasant for us noise. In the same time the male mosquito is very little creature who live only one day for coitus. There are many examples when female creatures even eat up their sexual partners after the coitus.

But the more complicated living beings, the more complicated the process of the live birth. And the male creature takes part in the process, so he feed the female creature, who nest and protect her from concurrent and predators. It torn out, that for complicated living beings the process of the protect of the live birth in many cases is more important, than the process of carrying of the pregnancy. So, we can see that, for birds and animals, the male creature is bigger and stronger than female creature.

But the big and complicated creature needs more time for the development.

If we look for facts, we can see that new-born boys are bigger than new-born girls. But girls develop faster, than boys. They begin to talk and to walk faster, than boys. They overtake boys in growth and weight at the beginning.

And they reach the sexual maturity earlier than boys.

Girls are obedient, but boys are whimsical.

In the childhood, girls are more senior, than boys, not only biologically, but also intellectually.

They study much faster than boys and they find their places in this world much easier than boys.

Boys have much more problems in this world, because they do not understand the society. Boys do not accept this world, they want to change it.

Whether it follows from this, that the man is cleverer, than the woman?

If we take into consideration parameters in the science and arts, we are positive, that men are more intellectual than women. But women are much wiser than men in our everyday life.

Women reach the decisions of vital problems of the family, of the household much faster and easy than men.

We live now in the epoch, when, the man is equal to woman before the law.

But as a mater of fact, on the average, the woman has the lower level of ambition, the love of power and the requirement of self- admiration through the high social role than the man.

In the question of the sexual difference the main point is the sex and the double standard. We have the situation when the society allows the man much more things, than the woman.

The man much more the woman aspires to the reception of strong positive sensations. The biggest part of epicures and gluttons are men. Absolutely the same situation is with alcoholics and drug addicts. The inclination to game entertainments, such as cards, skittles, etc., is much more peculiar to men. Almost all sport fans are men.

We cannot explain this situation of the social environment or public traditions. In the modern liberal time, for example in student’s collective, men are all the same indulging to entertainments more, than women.

The statistic affirms that during the period of pubescence 95% of boys and only 30% of girls engaged in auto manipulations.

Almost all the erotic and porno production produced for men. Producers of such production have decided long time ago to make porno production for women with the nude man’s body. But the results were not encouraging. Only 5-7% of women are excited of the nude man’s body.

The ordinary man has no objections if he has sex contact with a lot of women. He can neglect characters or social position of all this women.

The situation with woman is much more complete. An ordinary woman seldom clings the man at first sight. The physical inclination of the woman is connected to intellectual and spiritual qualities of the man. She needs to have support and protection for carrying of the pregnancy and births of the child.

That is why it is well known, that women choose always. If we examine the normal men and the normal women, we can see that the man achieves orgasm nearly always, and the woman is not always has it. But the female orgasm is much stronger than the man’s.

On the base level the coitus for the woman is the big act. So without dependent on morals and social conditions, the sexual act for the woman has much more value, than for the man.

The ordinary man may have the sexual contact in all the time and he wanted it all the time. But sometimes he can not have it, because of the physical or psychic conditions. And the ordinary woman can have it all the time, but sometimes do not want it. She always ready for the contact on the physical level, but she do not always ready on the emotional level.

So if we want to have the answer for the question- who will have the victory in the sexual competition between the man and the woman, we must take into consideration, that there are different criteria for the man and for the woman.

The sex self-affirmation for the man is the number of the women with which he had sexual contacts. The majority of young women yet have no advanced sexual inclination, therefore than more women has subdued the man, the higher level of the self-affirmation he has.

The woman does not have the same sex self- affirmation as the man.

She use cosmetics, dresses, adornments and coquetry for have as much admirers as possible. She allures and fascinates all admirers, but she admits to herself only whom she will want and when she will want.

So we have an active, but nonselective man and passive, but sensitive woman.

The man is much stronger in take and have what ever he want and woman is stronger in do not give what ever she want to everybody irrespective of his desire.

The man can be attractive with his authority, his force or his richness. The richness attract not only because of the comfortable life, but because woman can fill herself as the selected person. The person who is much valuable than other persons. The woman loves the master and the creator of the world, even if in our everyday life this master and creator have the appearance of the money bag.

As opposed to the man, the woman conquers the man with herself. It is not required any acts and opportunities from the woman. Therefore the female beauty was so appreciated in all the times.

But there is the type of the seducer so called Don Juan. He can be nobody in the social life. But he is a roguish libertine who takes great pleasure in seducing women by his own appearance, with his style and manners and using the knowledge of the woman’s psychology.

In the aspect of the sexual differences, Don Juan is the woman’s type in relations with opposite sex. Because he can give to his partner nothing except him.

It is very interesting, that men despise such type of the seducer. They have no objections if the winner has the sexual prize, because he is the rich or strong man. But in this case, the winner is the ordinary man with the low level of the sexuality sometimes. The only his talent is he can inspire passion. And he can give only passion and nothing more.

Don Juan is the mirror of the passion in which the woman can see her own needs and dreams.

In this case it can be counted as the pathology.

And we can insist that the man alter the world by himself and the woman do the same by using the man. So, the woman is the more complicated person, who able to do much more alterations by using several men in the same time.

The peak of the sexuality of the man is 18-23 years old, for the woman it is 30-35 years old. Why do we have such a lack of coincidence of peaks?

As the result of such situation, the young man suffers of the dissatisfaction. He is ready for the coitus, but generally he has not the constant partner for the sex and the situation in the social life does not further his desires. For example, he must serve in the army at that time. And generally he has no money for build up the family.

And if he got married at that time, he aspires to have sex every night and even more. But the young wife does not have such fillings often. Here sexual appetite is not so big. The result is a lot of quarrels in young families. And the main point of quarrels is the man’s egoism.

But the situation changed, for example in 10 years. And women complain of the lack of the sexual attention from men. They have sexual needs much more than their husbands.

We can ask the question –where is the harmony?

Almost in all societies, there is the tradition, that man got married at the age of 30 and the woman – at the age of 20 years old. From the social point of view it is the perfect situation. The man must have the social experience, the money and his place in the society at the age of 30. And the woman is ready to be the normal wife.

So, why do they have sexual peaks at the age of 30 and 20 years old? Or may be the solution of this problem is to organize families between men of 20 years old and women 35 years old. But it is impossible.

When we look into the situation in the wild nature, we can see that the mighty and strong leader of the troop frighten away young males and have harem. It is the pure natural selection.

We have nearly the same situation in the people’s society. If there is no entrance for the sexual energy of the young man, he will direct his energy to the work for the society, for his career, for making money and so on.

For example, trainers often forbid contacts between young sportsmen and women. They want to direct the sexual energy into sport records.

And it is absolutely correct, that young men must engage in competition with each other for the women. So, only if he is strong, brave and fit for the life, he will have the sexual success. And in that case his super sexuality and her sexual modesty are very contributory for the natural selection.

On the other hand the increase of the woman sexuality at the age of 35 years old leads to the situation, when the woman stimulates the sexuality of the elder man.

For my opinion the main point of the sexual difference between the man and the woman is situated in the coitus. The man was constructed by the nature to have quick and energy coitus, with the brief prelude to the sexual act, sometimes without the prelude totally. After the man reaches the orgasm, he becomes slack and passive. He even absolutely lost the interest for petting and caress and sometimes he falls asleep after the act.

The sexual excitement of the woman grows much more slowly than the man. And with the „natural“man, she frequently has no time for reach the sexual orgasm. Even after she reached the orgasm, her sexual excitement subsides slowly and she needs petting after the act.

That is why, modern and others sexologists press for the long prelude to the sexual act. And they also recommend delaying the coitus as long, as possible. Only in that case we shall have the normal sexual satisfaction.

On the other hand, we have another problem, the problem with urology.

The long sexual excitement of the man leads to the prostatitis. The organism of the man is not adapted for the long sexual excitement and long coitus. And this problem grows with the age of the man.

In brief, if we try to correct the nature, we must be prepared for negative consequences.

The only salvation of this situation is not press to hard and reaches the golden mean.


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