Practical steps on how to take over the world.

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For my strong opinion every man during his life thinks about the success. And I am positive that for the biggest part of the population of the Earth, the success consists in having as much as possible power, money, sex and women. But how to get all that?

I think that to solve this problem we must look after the people who has success. May be they are different type of the people or may be they are aliens?

No, they are ordinary people, but they have something that helps them to reach such things, that all others only dream.

First of all, let us look at the intellectual level of the successful people. It is an axiom that if you are the utter fool, you will have absolutely nothing. The best thing is that the intellectual level should be not lower than average. Pay attention that we talk not only about the education. We can meet with enough well educated persons in our everyday life, who are unlucky fellows. And sometimes people even without education have the very high intellectual level, which helps them to fulfill all their wishes and to have everything in their life.

The second thing that has all successful people is the high level of energy. Napoleon was the man that had everything in his life. He had an enormous power. He could have as much money, as he needed. And he could have as many women, as he wanted. It is well-known that he slept only four hours during the night and he could contain heavy duties during the military campaigns. Sceptics may object to that and tell us that the level of the energy is the gift from the God. And every man has his own unique level of the energy from the birth, but we have enough examples in our everyday life when some people with the help of mental and physical training increased their level of the energy.

Sorry, but sometimes people use dreadful methods and means for increasing the level of the energy. It is the truth that the alcohol and narcotics may give some energy. Take for example the well-known Absinth. Many painters and writers of the 19 century used it and created the great number of masterpieces of art but they paid the terrible price for that. They lost physical and mental health. So, we have the situation when the game is not worth the candle.

Than we are obliged to note that all successful people are able to influence others. They all can manipulate others. Attempts to control a man or a group of people are often throw to the resistance from the people. There are two exits in such situation: break the resistance of the people and force them to obey or mask the effects so that it does not raised objections. The last one is well-known as manipulation. There are many methods of manipulation. And may be one of the best is attraction. Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States, made this idea very briefly: “A drop of honey can catch more flies than gallon of poisons.”

The attraction based on one of the most important human needs. This is the need for positive emotions. For example, the most universal method for the admission of positive emotions in humans is a good compliment .

You can say the compliment to anyone. But you need to have at least some information about the person. The complimentary part of your speech must be as brief as possible and must contain not more than one or two conceptions. And off course, the compliment must not contain lectures. The most effective compliment is the complement against a background of the anticompliment. In such a situation, we will not only increase the role of another person, but at the same time we reduce our role. All of this leads to the substantial strengthening of the compliment. And it is an irresistible compliment, which enables the listener to end the conception in his mind the way he wants.

This is the widespread misconception that we need to make compliments only to useful people. Good compliments need practice. Therefore we must make compliments to anyone who deserves this.

And finally, everyone needs the luck to take over the world. Many losers complain that they would be able to achieve a lot in the life, if they were lucky. But there is an axiom that, the fate is favorable to those who firmly know what he wants.

Everyone has his chance in the life. But the chance depends on our attitude to it. There are no bad or lucky chances without us. For example, you fly in a plane with the famous film director. And what is it? For a great number of people it is nothing! And only for the man, who dreams to be an actor, it is the very lucky chance.

So, the lucky chance is when arises the situation, which can be used to achieve the goal. But, off course you must be ready to use the lucky chance. Only great efforts lead to the great success.

Unfortunately, sometimes not all great efforts lead to the success. The best thing to do in this situation is to search for another decision for the problem. Changing the profession or the living place may help in such situations.

But all the clever people know beyond doubts that the real success is not in money, power and sex. It is situated inside us. The truth is that the best thing to do is to work, as if you do not need money, to love, as if you do not afraid to lose your love and to live, as if there is no death.

If you can look at yourself from the outside and during that, you can laugh at yourself; you will take over the world.


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