e-Cigarette – Is It The Best Way to Quit Smoking?

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Cigarette is perhaps the most active addiction that people indulge in, more than alcohol or any other form of addictive substances you can imagine. Every year there are hordes of people that develop cancerous infection, as they find themselves unable to quit the habit of smoking cigarettes.

Trying to find a solution, a Chinese by the name of Hon Lik, of Ruyan went about and designed an E-cigarette. It was one of the most surprising inventions by the Chinese, and it was widely accepted by those who wanted to run away from tobacco based cigarettes.

E-cigarette created quite a buzz then, as people decided to go for electronic cigarette. The word went around and it reached far off places, in other parts of the world. Still some were apprehensive, as you are now, you would probably think what electronic cigarette is all about?

Is it some sort of a gadget?

How an electronic cigarette is designed

E-cigarette is an electronic device, and holds the appearance of a normal cigarette. Some companies design an E-cigarette to appear as a cigar, or pipe as well. E-cigarette is used by the addicted cigarette smokers, who are trying their best to come out of the addiction, but somehow they had been unable to do so. E-cigarettes are probably designed that way to help those striving to get out of it.

Electronic cigarettes run on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, where nicotine solution is poured on the mouthpiece. It has an inbuilt heating system along with a sensor. When the user goes for a smoke, the air that passes through the inbuilt sensor gets warmer by the healing element called piezoelectric, and that in turn provides heat to the nicotine solution. The heated nicotine solution gives up vapor which the user ultimately inhales. The vapor gives the smoker the ultimate feel.

E-cigarette is an amazing product that allows smokers to satisfy their desire for tobacco without producing second hand smoke and the 4,000 or so chemicals found in that smoke.

There are different flavors of E-cigarettes; nicotine vapors are flavored to give a smoker, the feel of actual smoke. You could also have E-cigarettes with flavorings of strawberry, vanilla, or some sort of a candy. Users who like to have a menthol feel can get those at the stores. E-cigarettes certainly provide you a smoking sensation without the use of tobacco, and lit fire. It is a way forward to get rid of your smoking habits.

For a healthier lifestyle, get yourself Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit today.

It could possibly be the next best way to quit your smoking habit.

Quit smoking has never been that easier, hasn’t it?


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