7 Amazing Attributes of Windows 7 "Chaos reigns within. Reflect, repent, and reboot. Order shall return." ~Suzie Wagner

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SEARCH ASAP. From the start menu, the fresh and bettered search function allows you to open and locate any file from music to documents to pictures in as quick as two clicks.

PREVIEW SCREEN FUNCTION. Making multi-tasking so much accessible, you can now tap on as many windows as you like and you can easily flip or change from one window to the next and preview a window by hovering the mouse over it without actually having to open the window right away.

AS FAST AS A SNAP. Browse two windows at once with the Snap feature which allows you to view and work on two files at once. Best for copying or comparing reports and documents with each other.

PREFER TO PERSONALIZE. There are several desktop themes and helpful gadgets that permits you to make you PC entirely your own. An easy desktop slide show function can turn your stored photos into moving wallpaper.

DEVICE STAGE. Conveniently connect to printers, cameras, an other external hardware (wireless or not) by accessing only one window. Wireless networks can recognize your current location and automatically connect to your printer at home or your printer at work no need to do this manually.

ENHANCED TASKBAR. Get around your programs chop-chop by pinning your most often used applications straight into your taskbar so you can launch them with one click.

SECURITY MEASURES. User account control in Windows 7 reduce the possibility of your PC being infected by malicious software by alerting you if an unknown program tries to run on your PC.


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