Why You Should NEVER Let Your Cat Out Of The House

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My cat never leaves the house except to go to the vet. I always protected my cat from the outside since I got her years ago. Once I saw this show on science and health or something to that extent that spoke about outside dangers. It talked about the hazards that are outdoors now more than ever before. Years ago when I grew up we didn’t have to worry about ticks (lyme disease) or mosquito bites (West Nile Virus) or even Rabid Racoons and Squirrls, etc.. (although, rabid animals were around but not as many).

I thought about it and realized how much safer my cat has been over the years by being a house cat. I have a small enclosed front porch where I let her out but and she stands up and looks out the front doors glass. It’s kind of like letting her out but not really… but this is the price my baby kittie has to pay to stay safe. I feel bad in the spring and summer but open the windows and pull the screens down so she can sit and look outside.

Even though I live in a little town outside of Boston, near the bay.. there are loads of racoons, squirrels, hedgehogs (gross looking poor little animal!) and a few other horritying looking animals that I have yet to identify running around. Well, most of these animals are now RABID… it’s true.

Out in the sub burbs of Boston you hear of instances where there are foxes that kill small animals. Thank God I don’t have that problem around here but you never know. I saw on Discovery or one of those Science channels once where in parts of Florida there were alligators coming up on peoples lawns and draggin away their animal… or EVEN PEOPLE. How horrible.

I guess in some of the mountains around the country bears are moving in closer and closer to residences.. scary. So, see I think it’s way better to keep your little kittie in the house and out of danger.

… Asking God to protect your little animals doesn’t hurt either. 🙂


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