Debt free living "Debt is the slavery of the free” Publilius Syrus

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The Bible tells: Proverbs 22:7 The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. Buzz the ones who are in debt. They will tell you this is undeniable.

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They claim that only the rich can be debt free. That is not correct. There are many people who are rich but only because they are living on borrowed cash. There are individuals who do not have much money but they are richer than the rich because they are debt free. The naked truth is that anyone can become debt free and reducing debt is as simple as plain common sense and hard work.

Here are some hints by which you can avoid debt or get out of it.

FACE REALITY. Denial period is over. The extravagant days of wanton disregard for spending are gone. Get real. Get out of debt now and be willing to do some work. Stop blaming others and end complaining about circumstances. You made an error, take responsibility because this begins the whole healing process.

SAY NO TO QUICK FIXES. You cannot borrow dough just to pay the finances you owe. There are places and sources offering easy credit but exorbitant interests. These are quick fixes that will get you deeper in your debt bog. Others go into scoring lotto tickets or would role the little money they have left in games and gambling. That is not the road to go. That is the recipe for trouble.

BE ASSERTIVE AND WORK HARD. Speedy fixes are for lazy people. Compromise and hard work are for disciplined people. You must be willing to work hard and sacrifice in order to mend the situations that you created with your own irresponsibility. If you are not willing, then you cannot be helped. Maybe you need to take up extra jobs, work a few more days including Sundays. Accept any job that could boost a little more money on your paycheck. Working is the only way you ca get money to settle off your debt.

SOMETHING TO SELL. Most of the personal belongings you have in your homes are stuff you wanted not the stuff you needed. Liquidate them even for a loss and make sure you use the money to pay off your creditors. Audit all those tiny expenses that are there like gym memberships, magazine subscriptions, phone bills and plans and just plug those expenses holes so you can stop your ship from the sinking process.

CALCULATE AND ALLOCATE.You may not be fond of math but now you need to face it. Be an accountant. List down every expense item you incur no matter how small they are so you can measure where you money goes. Always keep in mind that you cannot manage what you do not measure.

SIMPLIFY YOUR STYLE OF LIVING. Stop being anxious about your image. If you are in debt you have a crappy image.


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