Spring Project – Make Your Pathways Attractive

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Outdoor lighting helps increase your home’ s night time curb appeal, adds security and helps prevent injuries. Most falls outside happen at night when it’s hard to see where you’re stepping, so it’s essential to light your path properly. Landscape lighting comes in a variety of styles and can be find into different categories: down lights, uplights and path lights. Path lights are generally not as bright but often include a shade to direct light downward for better visibility while using the pathways, or walking the alleys. 

*** Select a GREEN options: There are so many energy-wise options for your outdoor lighting. Solar lights are easy to install along the border of your pathway. Look for low-voltage lighting. It offers a compromise for those who wish to illuminate their outdoor space more efficiently and economically. Motion sensors are both energy efficient and a smart security feature as they only activate when needed and alert you to any movement in the yard. Do some research, Check them out there is a wide selection of outdoor lighting for you to choose.

*** Give your walkway a face lift. Add color, texture and width to your path by lining it with pavers. Best choices are natural stone, brick and concrete pavers, these are all good material. Stone gives your path a natural look and comes in a variety of textures, from smooth to rustic. Brick pavers are versatile and can be laid side by side, end to end or diagonally, it depends on the size of your walkway and the design you desire to achieve. Concrete pavers are inexpensive, easy to install and come in a variety of patterns and colors. For more information on paver options check with your local home and garden stores

.  Set your pathway on a strong foundation. Perform Maintenance. If laid properly, your path should last for years. The pathway might require occasional maintenance: reset or replace any uneven pavers that have sunk or lifted. Check it regularly for any signs of cracking and make repairs as needed. Moisture can get in the cracks and causes further deterioration.

Stained walkways lessen the overall look of your home, it’s damaging the curb appeal. If you have a brick path, use a power washer to clean up dirt and musk on the surface and between the cracks. Algae and moss flourish in shady spots; trim bushes regularly to let more light in

.  Shovel & salt. For those living in a colder ZONE. these are some tips to keep in mind. Shoveling your walkways regularly helps prevent injuries and keeps heavy foot traffic off your grass. Select a shovel that’s right for you.If your path becomes icy, salt it to stop people from slipping. Remember to only salt the walkway itself, and avoid the area around it. This will help save your soil. Sand or gravel also works fain.


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