Tips on Making New Friends

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Friends are people that everyone needs in life!  However, making friends sometimes isn’t the easiest thing either.  Many people are skeptical and choosy on how they determine who is a friend and this makes the process of making friends a little hard.  Here are a few tips to making new friends:

1)  Be a friend first!  Making friends is often desired, but taking the first step if often hard.  Simply being friendly and greeting people first and having a good spirit is a good way to be a friend and in turn, a good way to make friends.  Oftentimes, initiating contact will show others that you are trying to make friends.  Sometimes, people will respond positively and other times, people will not even respond at all.  Making friends isn’t always a one hundred percent ratio, but some friends will be made if you be a friend first.

2)  Be real!  The problem with too many people is that they try to be somebody that they are not!  Fake people make temporary friends and real people make friends that will last a lifetime.  People like their friends to be real and act like themselves.  Acting like someone that they are not is a turn off for many people and will not attract many friends.

3)  Look for a need and meet it!  Obviously, this has its limits, but if you see someone that you know and they need a ride, offer them a ride.  If you notice somebody needing help in a certain area, help them.  Be a looker to meet people’s needs and try to avoid being nosy in the process.  Being helpful can also fall into this category!  When someone needs help doing something minor, lend a hand.  Look for a need and fill the need and this will help make friends.  Meeting needs is a lot of fun, even if friends are not made.

Making friends is not always easy, but it can be a fun experience.  There are a bunch of potential friends out there and these tips will help gain the right ones.  The only danger is that sometimes, people will try and take advantage and so it is very important that the right friends be chosen and the wrong ones be denied as friendly as possible.


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