Israel Gave Up Gaza For Peace in 2005 Why Are They Being Attacked?

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….also my heart goes out to the innocent woman and children in Gaza who are being used as human shields by the relentless terrorist group called HAMAS!  Ever since Israel gave up Gaza a few years Ago in the hopes of peace for their country they have been Trying To Defend Their Country From rockets coming out of the very Land They Gave Up….GAZA.

If a young person in the USA is watching the far left main stream media, they will think that Israel is the bad guy here… Why?…because the media not only does not show or tell the full story (OR THE TRUTH) -of both sides but SYMPATHIZES WITH HAMAS.. who are corwardly TERRORISTS!

The ONLY station in this country where you will get the story straight up and both sides is FOX NEWS. The rest of the main stream media is not only making fools of Americans by their propoganda but they are DANGEROUSLY FAR LEFT and putting hatred into peoples hearts and minds toward the Jewish People and Israel.  I am a Christian and have seen OVER and OVER again how the news will portray all Christians as HATERS which is an absolute lie and extremely DANGERSOUS. It’s getting out of control now how the FAR LEFT LIBERAL MEDIA LIES, DISTORTS and MUNIPULATES and only portrays one SIDE OF THE NEWS.. THEIR SIDE.

It’s like the deceitful New York Times…..I actually think the ENQUIRER has more credibility than they do.

Of course, it is heartbreaking what is happening on both sides. BUT if the media keeps showing all the poor dead woman and children in Gaza (which is horrifying, by the way) and does not CONDEMN COWARDLY HAMAS FOR USING THEM AS HUMAN SHIELDS, it makes Israel look like they are the attackers. Again, my heart goes out to both sides and ESPECIALLY the innocent woman and children who are suffering and dying. Someone reading this might think that I am totally for Israel and not for the Palistinians but this absolutely untrue. I pray for those poor innocent Muslims that are dying and stuck in the crossfire and seeing all those children dead and wounded is horrifying. But the world needs to put pressure on HAMAS and other Hezbollah who are also terrorists that want Israel wiped off the face of the earth.

Since Hamas bullied their way in Gaza years ago and KEPT shooting rockets into Israel, the main stream media sort of IGNORED THIS FACT. Anytime Israel would try to DEFEND themselves from the rockets they would be demonized as the attackers.

I’ll guarantee anyone who reads this and has been watching the liberal main stream media did NOT know that: 

1. Israel has tried to send flyers and warnings into Gaza before they retaliated.

2.  Hamas is hiding in HOSPITALS and  the THICKEST CIVILIAN areas to use woman and children as human shields.

3. Since Israel gave up Gaza for peace that muslim terrorists has also used it ot build underground tunnels to bring in guns, explosives, etc.. to attack Israel.

4. Muslim terrorists who attack Israel have said over and over they want to DESTROY ISRAEL and that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist. …. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE THE MUSLIM EXTREMISTS REALLY WANT PEACE?? NEVER!

5. In the past week or so Iran has had TENS OF THOUSANDS of young people sign up to be suicide bombers against Israel.

6. In 2005 Israel had to force over 8,000 of their own people out of houses they lived in for years in GAZA to try to resume the “Mideast Peace Process.”  

7. Thousands of Muslims in THIS COUNTRY (USA) are now rallying against Israel and SUPPORTING HAMAS!!!!

********WAKE UP AMERICA ***********************


I pray for Peace for Israel… God have mercy.


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