Tips for Driving in Mexico

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Driving in Mexico can be a very interesting experience.  Going from Laredo, Texas to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico is like going from Earth to Mercury.  It will change your life!  Here are a few tips to be aware of before driving in Mexico:

1)  The speed limit is measured in kilometers per hour, not miles per hour.  This means that if you see a speed limit sign that says 80, you need to be going 50 MPH to be keeping the law.  MPH is the big numbers on the speedometer and KM/H are the small numbers and these are very important numbers to pay attention to.  Additionally, distance is measured in kilometers so any sign that has a name of a city and a number besides it means how many kilometers until that city is reached.  Driving in Mexico can be expensive if you get a lot of tickets for speeding and so understand that KM/H is the way Mexico measures speed.

2)  Mexico has no shoulders on the road!  Driving in Mexico is different that driving in places where they have shoulders.  Shoulders provide an area to pull over if there is a problem.  However, if a driver needs to pull over in Mexico, the best place is a heavily populated parking lot and well lit if it is night time.  If you see a lane that looks like a shoulder, it probably isn’t.

3)  Be careful with taxi’s and buses!  They are infamous for cutting off other vehicles in order to make good time.  Monterrey is especially known for the green taxi extremist drivers, who don’t care where they drive or how.  As long as they reach their destination is lightning quick time and they get out of the car alive, their driving is fine.  Driving in Mexico means driving with caution and being aware of the taxi’s and buses.

4)  Make sure no cars follow too long behind you.  Mexico, over the past few years, has had its share of kidnappings.  Some of these result in a cars following their victim and finding out much about them and their personal life.  The solution to this is if someone sees a car following too long, to drive into a police station and get the tag and report them.  Driving in Mexico if you are not alert.

5)  Lock the doors!  There have been several instances where someone has been sitting at a red light and someone will get in their car and kidnap them.  Keep the doors locked!

All in all, Mexico is a great place to travel and these instances are rare, but these tips will make driving in Mexico more fun and more safe.


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