Astral Projection

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Astral projection and astral traveling are the names given for the esoteric art of being able to project the subtle body / spirit / dream body / astral counterpart, outside the physical body and travel in that vehicle to other realms of existence. It’s awesome being in another realm, it is something everyone should experience, and why so many people meditate today. You can also do this while you sleep. Try this…

Relax your body. This is important. If you are hesitant, scared, or reluctant it will not work. Nothing is going to happen to your body while you are out (and no, You won’t die), so the key is to so relax. You must relax physically and mentally. A long hot bath, a little wine (not too much), or a nap will help relax the body. Then begin to relax the mind. Focus, visualize on something very uncomplicated. For instance, an empty room, a solid colored chair, darkness or whatever you can visualize and concentrate on to relax your mind.

You know that feeling you get when you are about the fall asleep? You are still aware, but you know it is merely seconds before you are off to dream land? That is what you want to accomplish. Get to this state%u2026and just getting to this state and still being aware enough to do what you need to do will take practice for beginners so%u2026don’t get frustrated. Remember that thing you were concentrating on? The room, chair, whatever. Eventually, after you have reached this state, other objects will start coming into the picture. Colors, animals, balloons, etc. Let them come in and just watch them. So do not try to communicate with them or fear them, just watch in silence. Just keep practicing, it may take days, weeks, maybe even months. If you are interested in taking control of the actions and situations in your dreams, then check out our website for additional tips and stories. Also feel free to share information about your meditation and dreams experiences.


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