Ways to promote your online writing

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From writing sites to social networking sites, there is a place on each of your accounts for a personal profile. Utilize this space to write a nice piece promoting your major writing endeavers. If you write a lot you will not want to include them all. The most lucrative ones will do. Be sure to include links to your profiles and/ or pages that have links to your articles.

Make friends on the writing websites. Most writing websites like ehow.com allow people to become online friends. Not only will your online friends provide encouragement, but they will visit your articles. You should do the same for them when you can and when they ask you to.

Use social networking site to post your lastest work, or something you think may be of particular interest.
People who already know you are likely to visit your content. And if you don’t post it, they definantly won’t visit as they likely won’t know about it. So, post!

Sign up for http://www.twitter.com and use it. Once you get a following, that is free advertisement right there. Telling the world(some of it anyway!) about your writing is only a tweet away. Using hash tags will help you to get more followers. Simply put a # in front of a word  you think people are searching for and your post will come up in their search. From there they may choose to view your profile and choose to follow you!

Submit free articles to ezinearticles.com. They will keep your byline in the article. Then your information and links travel around the internet. Free advertising!

Continue to promote your writing.
Make a personal web page and link to all of your writing content. Make business cards with your site address and hand them out.

If you can think of more, post your ideas in the comment section. Happy Writing! :o)


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