Treat PCOS naturally

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In PCOS, the pituitary gland does not communicate the right things to the ovaries, which puts all of your hormones out of order. If you have PCOS, you have not enough progesterone and too much testosterone. Your blood sugar is also likely high, and you are overweight. There are some things you can do to help correct these issues.

It is so much easier said than done, but it would help your situation to loose some weight. If you diligently try, you will become much healthier even if you don’t loose the weight. To try to slim down: eat unprocessed sugar, flour, and rice. When eating pasta eat wheat or ones made with things like chickpeas and lentils. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, and drink a lot of water and unsweetened herbal tea. Losing weight will help you to menstrate more regularly and help to bring your insulin resistance under control.

Since your body is deficient in progesterone, using a good progesterone cream is a good idea. Some people use it two weeks on, and two weeks off. Some people use it for three weeks and then go one week without it.

Taking the herb vitex, also know as chaste berry, also works to bring your progesterone levels higher and balance your hormones. Start off on a low amount and build up as needed. Vitex works slowly, and it may take a year or more to see results.

Saw Palmetto is a good herb for lowering your testosterone levels.

Drinking a few cups of peppermint or spearmint tea a day has been shown in a scientific study to lower progesterone levels as well.

Taking cinnamon daily can help to lower your blood sugar.

Also, anti-inflammatories such as fish oil, ginger, and turmeric are a good idea for overall good health.


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