Change your life by changing your thinking

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The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our thoughts. To change our lives, we must change our thoughts. Any change in our circumstances that is not deeply rooted in our thinking is not likely to be permanent.

This brings to mind a story of the barbers and the hair stylists in America. One year, they decided it was time to draw attention of Americans to the importance of their profession. They hired a public relations consultant to package impactful promotions for their national convention.

The pubic relations consultant hired a drug addict from the ghetto, took a photograph of him in his dirty clothes and unkempt hair. He took him to town, gave him a good bath and took another photograph. Finally, the consultant took the ghetto boy to a salon where he was given a hair cut, clean shave and dressed in suit. With the young man looking every inch like a business executive, the consultant took another round of photographs.

On the day of the national convention of barbers and hairstylists of America, participants began to arrive at the venue of the convention. At the Lobby, there were three giant sized frame pictures. The first was the ghetto boy the way he was in the slum, the second showed how he looked after a bath and the third showed him looking like an executive after visiting the salon. Over these three pictures was a banner which read “SEE WHAT BARBERS AND HAIR STYLISTS OF AMERICA CAN DO TO A MAN”. Well, the “former” ghetto boy himself was positioned in the lobby, shaking hands with participants. The story hit the headlines the following day. The gambit worked.

The manager of the venue of the convention really liked the “former” ghetto boy and asked him to come afterwards so that he could get him a Job. Unfortunately, the ghetto boy never showed up. Several months he took the framed pictures and went to the slum looking for him. He was asking around and no one recognized the person in the picture. Suddenly, the manager rushed back and got the picture that showed him looking dirty and unkempt. Within an Hour he found him.


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