How to develop the Human Spirit: Developing a deeper relationship with God

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Man is a tripartite being. He has a soul, a spirit and he lives in a body.

The human spirit

The human spirit, because it was created in the same class with God is designed to related directly with God and the supernatural realm (John 4:24). It is activated by the life and inspiration of God (Job 32:8). Hence, when it is in a state of sinfulness, it is disconnected from God and considered dead (Ephesians 2:1-2)

How to develop the Human Spirit:

A Christian cannot perform beyond the capacity of his human spirit. In fact, God’s relationship with him depends on his level of spiritual maturity and sensitivity. Every Christian should therefore develop his spirit by:

Praying regularly,

pray ceaselessly especially in the Holy Spirit (Jude20,1 Corinthians 14:2-4)

Studying the bible

Every Christian should feed his spirit with the word of God at all times (1 peter 2:2, Matt 4:4). He should regularly study, meditate and confess the word of God consistently (John 1:8)


When a Christian engages in fasting, he suppresses his five senses so that his spirit can have greater capacity to hear from God with clarity.

The benefits of developing your spirit

Sensitivity to the instructions of God

God’s ways, his times and seasons can only be understood by a christain whose spirit is mature and sensitive

Anticipate the attacks of the enemy
when our spirit is spiritually sensitive we are always on alert to any possible plans and attacks of the devil on our lives and that of our loved ones.

  • Hear from God clearly.
  • Effective praying with results
  • Deeper fellowship with God
  • Access to Divine wisdom and spiritual direction

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