Improve Website Traffic with SEO, LSI, Backlinks and Social Networking

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is worth mastering if you want your webpage to be in the first pages of a search engine. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a search engines ability to find the hidden or underlying (latent) meaning (semantic) of a webpage’s content. It’s simple! For example: If writing about college, your content should include words like: school, program, degree. It also looks at relationships between the link to your content and the website’s content on that subject (indexing). Links to your webpage found on other websites are known as Backlinks. Social networking will improve your webpage performance because it will improve your chances of appearing first in web search engine optimization.

Google has great tools for researching search-based keywords and website optimization tools. Google also offers a free Blogger website. Create backlinks on your blogs to improve website optimization.

YahooAnswers is a great general website that you can create backlinks on. Answer questions and plug your content. Be sure not to just include links, especially where they don’t relate to your topic. You will be considered a spammer and be ignored.

For specific subjects or niches, such as gardening, it is best to find sites related to your topic to create your backlinks.

Digg is similar to Twitter. Use to shorten your website URL; it is easy to use in conjunction with Twitter.

For other great resources on backlinks, SEO, LSI and website optimization – check out Associated Content:) If you join, they have the best forum with many helpful tips from contributors.


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