Make your website or blog sticky.

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There are many things you can do to extend the visit or your website visitor and make it more probably that he or she will come back to your website or blog.

Have your navigation easy and functional. People like it when they don’t have to search for information too much. Make it easily available to them. And have it arranged tastefully.

Let your visitors leave comments to articles. People like to be heard and they like to communicate with others. Having a comment function will enable this.

Add a forum to your website. There are many places to get a free forum. Just search for ‘free website forum’ on a search engine and you will get many to choose from. This will let your visitors voice their opinions and communicate with one another as well.

Let visitors submit their site to you for you to consider linking to them. If their own site is linked to yours they will feel a sense of loyalty to you.

Have ads placed tastefully. No one likes to search through ads for content. It is possible to have ads in full view without looking tacky.

Have a poll on your site often. People often like to see what others think on different situations. The more interesting the question, the better. Just don’t be offensive.

Be open to the suggestions of others.
If something makes sense, implement it. If not, don’t.

And last, but not least, make sure your site is visually appealing.
Make sure the colors are not too bright and that they go well together.


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