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Go through everything in your house and in your shed. We all have things stored up and sitting around that we don’t really use or need. One person’s trash really is another person’s treasure. When sorting throught your things, take out the things you don’t want or need. Seperate them into three piles: One pile for small to medium items in excellent conditions, one pile for books, and the one pile for the rest.

The pile of small to medium items that are in excellent condition are things that can be sold online.
One auction website that you can post them on is Use your favorite search engine to search for more auction sites and choose the one you like best to sell these things on. Be sure to read ratings and other’s experiences with different auction sites to make sure it is one you want to deal with. Just search online to see what people are saying about it.

The next pile is your yardsale pile. On Saturdays you can set these items out in your yard and sell them. One person’s trash truely is another person’s treasure! You can advertise your yardsale in the paper for a small fee (you will easily make that money back) and/or use signs to advertise your yardsale.

The books you have chosen to part with can be sold on They take a portion of the sale for commision. It costs nothing to list them, so it really is a good way to sell them.

Have fun!


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