Rambo Ends Terrorism

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There is a local radio talk show host here in Dallas named John David Wells who says he has the answer to terrorism.  He will pay for all travel and training costs for his idea.  His idea is to arm himself  and to fly on the airlines as a kind of air marshal.  He is quite certain that if the terrorists know he is on the case they will cease and desist.  Why all it takes is one blown away underpants bomber to show those terrorists that John David Wells means business.

Well.  How to to respond to this.  There must be an IQ test to become a radio talk show host and if you test positive for stupidity, you get the job.  There must be a couple of signs outside of the place where they audition radio talk show hosts.  One sign shows a stack of bricks, the other shows a sack of door knobs.  There are written signs pointing to the aforementioned items stating you must be dumber than these objects to get this gig.

If only we could triple the average IQ of  the planet by  by taking John David Wells up on his offer .  Let’s see if his bullets have any effect on exploding atoms.  By the way, he doesn’t like the naked screening so for his aircraft there would be no screening.  We would put out an advertisement all over the middle east, and Pakistan and Afghanistan.  The ad would say, we have a manly, manly, manly man whose very manhood frightens the girly men terrorists of the world into submission.  If you would test the manly steel of our manly man, come by whatever means are available to you to an abandoned airport in a third world country like say, Yemen.  You will board an aircraft where our man of steel will be the only other non terrorist passenger.  The plane will be flown by remote control since very few pilots want to die this badly.  Now, you may wear as many layers of clothing as you like.  According to the dictates of John David Wells, you will not be questioned.   You will not be searched.   You will not be scanned.  You will not be interviewed.  You will not even be looked at funny.  We will have several cameras over every seat and several more with a view of the cabin.  John David Wells is only allowed to take action when the threat is clear.  He can’t  shoot you for praying too loud for instance.  We will keep flying these planes until Wells family gets to cash in his life insurance.   I imagine that it will only take one plane to make the point.  When 50 suicide bombers set off their bombs simultaneously Wells will shoot as many of them as he can before he is blown up.  Bullets can’t stop an explosion you flipping moron.  Moreover feces for brains,   as Hasan told your flipping behind at Fort Hood.  They love death.  They seek it.  If anything, they would want to know when you were flying.  You,  John David Wells,  the total flipping  moron of the decade would draw terrorists like flies.

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