Keep your multiple cat home smelling sweet

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When choosing a litter, opt for the clumping kind. The kind made from corn husks is lighter than they clay kind and is easier to scoop.  Any other kind will just get stinky before the week is over, even with scooping. Since the clumpable litter clumps the urine, there will be no strong ammonia smell for you or kitty to endure. Also, it is just cleaner. Because scoopable litter causes liquid to clump, kitty’s paws stay cleaner. Scoop the clumps at least every other day. Having a small trash can nearby with a foot petal just for this purpose is a good idea as well.

When you change your cat’s litter, wash out the litter box really well. Residue left in the litter box can cause odor and bacteria growth. Alternately, you can choose to use litter pan liners.

Consider purchasing an enclosed litter box. These will give your cat privacy and really do keep the odor down as well. Many of these enclosed litter boxes come with a vent on the top that has a changeable filter.

Give your cats a bath about once a week. Regardless of how well they clean themselves they still get dirty, especially their paws. Use a gentle shampoo made just for cats as cat’s systems are extemely sensative. If you absolutely can not get your cat to agree to a bath, wipe kitty with cat pet wipes thoroughly.

Now you and your cat’s will enjoy each other and your home more, knowing that is as clean as it can be!


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