How to increase traffic to your website

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The first thing you need to do is submit your website to search engines. The major search engines to submit to are google, bing, and yahoo. If you have a blog with blogger and have given permission in your settings, google will crawl your site automatically.

Make sure your website has relevant, well written articles. You will need to add a couple of new articles a week to stay nearer to the top of the search engines. Be sure to have ‘keywords’, words that are likely to be used in searching from a search engine, throughout your page. Do this naturally as you write. If you just stick them in without writing the articles well, it will look certainly show. You don’t want the keywords to looked forced, or like nonsense.

Be active in groups that are of the same topic that your website is. This will help you to be seen as an expert in your field and increase visits to your website. A really good website to find boards and groups relevant to your topic is

Create a page for links to blogs of the same subject of your website.  This is called a bloglist and this will increase traffic to your site.  Ask the owners of the sites you link to if they will link back to you.

Have business cards made and hand them out, leave them when you go out to eat, etc.

Get some lettering or a magnetic sign put on your vehicle with your website URL.

Keep reading and learning. Getting your website out there is a process.


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