The New Motorola Devour To Replace The Droid.

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James Bond, your personal gadgets are now on the shelves.  The Motorola Devour may just do that to the market, if it lives up to it’s billing and expectations.  Previously known as the Calgary, this sleek and super-powerful smart phone is used sideways, with a full QWERTY keyboard and running Motorola’s “MotoBlur” interface.  The keys are not too small as to make you swear with frustration trying to type on some of the present cell phone’s small keyboards.  With a static touchscreen display and optical track ball, the Devour is going to devour the competition in the personal smart phone market.

The Devour is hitting store shelves in two colors, a majestic silver, reminiscent of stainless steel, and a matte black finish.  The Moto Blur Android user interface is used in connection with the Android 2.0 (it is rumoured, however, that the Devour will hit the shelves with the new Android 2.1 platform, with reception issues resolved) platform for accessing emails and social networking sites on the go, making this a super-powerful and fast, user-friendly smart phone.

The Devour comes with a built-in GPS locator, for both accidents and mapping purposes.  Geo-tagging, geo-caching and hiking through the Alps was never easier, or safer, as you can now pull up live satellite pictures of the area and see what or who may be lurking nearby.  You can also get weather reports and see live weather radar reports, surf the web, and use the multitude of apps that make these smart phones more amazing than any laptop out there.

The Devour has a 3.0 mega pixel (MP) camera, with still picture and video options, as well as WiFi connectivity.  The Devour can access and use all of the applications (apps) from the Google Apps Store, which provides apps for all Android-based smart phones, as well as the many Android-run smart phones that will soon be flooding the market.  The Devour is a brand new gadget for the technologically impulsive, with a release date TBA, purportedly in early 2010.  Anticipation levels have not been this high since prior to the release of theinitial Blackberry or the first IPhone.

So, if you are thinking of running out and buying an Android-run Droid smart phone, you may want to wait a month or two and get the updated version with the Devour, as that is what the Devour is;  the updated version of the Droid, using the older Calgary model as it’s base, but coupling theMotoBlur and Android platforms in an extremely user-friendly, exhaustively advanced smart phone.

The future is now, and her name is Devour.


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