How to Improve Your Pet Grooming Skills Using Free Online Resources

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The World Wide Web is a really good place to go to network with your fellow pet groomers and improve your skills online. All of this can be done for free, but you have to know where to look. Follow the following advice, and save yourself a lot of searching and needless trial and error.

Perhaps the best learning resource I have found online pertaining to pet grooming is the Yahoo Group, Groom_TNT (Tips and Tricks) The groomers on this list are incredibly helpful, truthful, and encouraging. Join here:

I also suggest that you join the sister list to Groom_TNT, which is GroomPics_TNT. Here you can post pictures of your grooms to be critiqued, as well as critique other’s pictures, learn new techniques, etc.

Another idea is to search for a yahoo grooming group for your area, or start one of your own. Often there is a sense of competition between groomers, but this need not be. Local groomers can be a source of valuable information to one another, and chatting online is nonconfrontational.

There are a few websites the online groomer should visit written by a veteran in the grooming field, BBird. She is an extremely knowledgeable groomer who so graciously shares her knowledge. You should DEFINANTLY read her articles!

Here is her Groom Blog:

Her Q and A Blog:

Articles on her website:

And here is a link to her educational offerings:

Another helpful website for groomers is . You will find forums, directories of grooming schools, grooming associations, etc. Be warned though, that it is heavily sponsored.


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