Homemade gift ideas

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Get some inexpensive paper lunch bags and some stamps and ink or paint. Decorate the bags with the stamps. Bake sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, ginger bread cookies, peanut butter delight, fudge, brownies, blondies, chocolate covered cherries, etc. Put them in your pretty decorated bag. Fold the top of the bag over and use some hole punchers to punch holes along the top. Lace some pretty ribbon through the holes and tie. * Alternately, you can cut a potato in half and cut a design, such as a cross or a star in the halved potato, and use as a stamp.

Use someone’s name to write an acrostic poem. Print it out and frame it. This makes a really nice personalized gift.

Research the year of a loved one’s birth. Write some very interesting facts concerning the person’s birth year. Print out and frame.

Add some Italian herbs to a bottle of olive oil. Bake a loaf of bread. Put bread and olive oil in basket and give as gift.

If you have any plants or herbs, you can replant some of them in aluminum cans. Place cans in old wooden crate or basket and decorate with ribbon.

Contact people who are close to the person you want this gift to be for. Ask them each a specific question about this person. Write the responses on the computer in a pretty way. If you have some software, such as Create a Card, that would be good to use for this. Print out the sheets and put in clear report type folder for a truly memorable gift.

Do you knit or crochet? If so, socks, gloves, scarves, and stuffed animals are great homemade gift ideas.

If you are an artist, consider drawing or painting a picture and framing it for your recipient.


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