How to be head of the pack with your pooch

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Never let your dog have anything for free. Make your dog sit and stay until your put his food down, and you give him the ok to eat. If he runs at you while you are preparing the food, or before you give him permission, put him in a sit and stay *as many times as needed*  before feeding him. Don’t get upset with him if he refuses. Simply sit his food on the counter and walk away. Try again in an hour and you may be surprised at how cooperative he is.

Never let your dog walk into a room ahead of you. When you and your dog are walking together, tell him to sit and stay while you enter a room. He may follow when you enter the room and say so.

Never let your dog win a game of tug and war. It is best not to play that game, but if you do, be sure to win.

If your dog shows toy aggression, take all toys away. Give him permission to play with one at a time when you choose. If he growls, take it away immediately.

Only allow your pet on furniture if you invite him up. If he growls consistantly about getting off of furniture, it is best to make him stay on the floor, at least until he learns his place in the pack.

If you do all of things consistantly, you will have a well behaved dog who recognizes you as leader of the pack.


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