Celebrity Endorsed Acne Treatments – Do They Work?

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It seems nowadays that every successful beauty product on the market has had some type of celebrity endorsement. This is particularly true in the case of acne treatments, which are marketed toward the younger, more susceptible teenage audience who may be quick to dish out the cash if it means an instant fix for their acne.

It is common knowledge that celebrities also suffer from mild to chronic acne. Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt have all been placed in the spotlight by tabloids and entertainment news shows because of their acne.

Proactiv is possibly one of the most well known acne products used by celebrities. There have been several widely broadcasted commercial endorsements for this product made by Jessica Simpson, Sean “Diddy” Combs and most recently Julianne Hough and Ryan Sheckler.

Another celebrity favorite is the acne product line SensiClear, which is promoted by former super model-turned reality television star, Janice Dickinson.

Neutrogena’s new personalized skin care line, skiniD, has recently hit the market and is being endorsed by Hero’s actress Hayden Panettiere.

What many people may not know is that just because a celebrity endorses an acne product in a commercial, it doesn’t mean that they are loyal followers of this product! Celebrity endorsers are only required to have used or tried a product one time to qualify as an “endorser.”

In October of 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a statement on their website concerning endorsements and advertising of products made by celebrities. According to the FTC’s new revisions, “both advertisers and endorsers may be liable for false or unsubstantiated claims made in an endorsement.”

This means that both the company along with the celebrity endorser are liable for a product that does not deliver satisfaction to the consumer or harms the consumer in any way.

In addition, celebrities involved in an endorsement deal are now require by law to admit that they’re an official endorser of this product whenever publicly discussing, or mentioning the product during an interview or talk show.

Even if a celebrity does not blatantly endorse an acne treatment, it does not mean they haven’t been coerced in some way to mention the product, whether it be during an appearance on a radio show or even while pretending to “shop” for the product (and just so happen to be caught up in the flash of the paparazzi or reality TV show cameras!)

Reading this article will hopefully allow you to become a more knowledgeable consumer the next time you shop for skin care products – whether they are celebrity endorsed or not. Remember that because everyone’s skin is different – these products may work wonders on some people’s skin while others may find better luck with a different product.

See a licensed dermatologist if you are concerned about your worsening skin condition. He or she can recommend the best products and or treatments for your particular skin type. Excellent products for acne that are not endorsed by celebrities include the Clearogen and Cetaphil product lines. Good luck.


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