Low Cost Ways To Spend Time Enjoyably

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Sometimes it is not easy to find low cost and fun ways to spend our time. However, a close observation of the world around us will show that there are several things we can do.The following is a short list of activities we can do to keep ourselves engaged. All of them may not be as good as the more conventional forms of entertainment that we are used to.

But they can still be a lot of fun:

#It’s as easy as a walk in the park:

Literally! I mean, just think about it —– when was the last time you took a walk in a park or anywhere else for pleasure alone?

We are walking all the time for some reason or the other. Why not walk for the joy of it?After all, walking can burn all those extra calories, provide one with fresh air and a good walk has often been known to raise a gloomy spirit. If you are not comfortable walking alone, ask a friend to join you or contact a walking club in your city if there is one.

To know about the health benefits of walking visit


However, a few words of caution—-

Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes and do not overtire yourself.

Keep your body well hydrated.

Ensure that your walking route steers clear of areas with high levels of environmental pollution.

While walking, avoid places which are not conducive to your personal safety

For more do’s and don’ts during walking you may try out


If followed in the right manner walking can really make a difference. Happy walking!!!

#Borrow a book:

For those who love reading, what can be better than a great book to pass the time? And borrowing books from friends and family ensures that you don’t have to spend a single penny from your pocket. Think about it—- if you add up the books all your friends and relations have, you will have quite a pool to choose from. Maybe, you can even start a small book borrowing club with some like minded people.

If you want to go through book reviews before selecting a book then you may visit:

* Google Books

* http://www.librarything.com/

* BookPage.com

Make sure though, that you return the book to its owner in the same condition you got it!

#Meet up with friends:

Due to the busy lifestyles most of us follow, it often becomes difficult to keep in touch with friends who were once a cornerstone of our existence. One might want to keep aside some time for an occasional get-together so that the strings of friendship do not get frayed. The experience will not only be a great way of spending the time but will also be emotionally satisfying.

#Bring forth those collections:

Most of us have collected something or the other at various points in our life. From stamps,coins, marbles, to comic books the list is endless. Often over time these collections recede to the background and out of one’s mind. If one has the collection stored somewhere, one can go through it. It will be a wonderful trip down the memory lane and maybe it will make one a collector once more.


Newspapers are probably one of the most under-utilized things in the world. Most of the time one merely glances through a few pages and then discard it. If one takes the time to meticulously go through a newspaper there’s a good chance of being rewarded with a lot of interesting information. Several newspapers carry supplements on various subjects and special issues. They can often be a treasure trove of information. However if one intends to use information gathered from a newspaper it is best to verify it from other sources as well.

Besides news, newspapers also provide crosswords, sudoku, quizzes and other options to keep the reader engaged. Solving them can be a very satisfying experience. And who can forget about the comic strips.




It is not my claim that you will enjoy them as much as conventional modes of entertainment but they won’t be a bad way to pass the time.

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